Our research group focuses on understanding the fundamental energy flow and dynamics in nanomaterials. By optimizing their design and function, we aim to efficiently convert, store, and transport energy. Our work seeks to uncover the underlying physics of these materials and develop new approaches for sustainable energy technology.

To achieve a comprehensive understanding of nanomaterial behavior, much of our research involves studying single particles and molecules. By analyzing their individual properties and interactions, we can gain insight into the collective behavior of these materials. Our work strives to develop a complete understanding of energy flow and dynamics in nanomaterials for the advancement of sustainable energy technology.

The interaction and combination of different materials in hybrids, or with molecules, play a crucial role in shaping the design of nanomaterials. By understanding how these materials interact, we can develop new approaches for energy conversion, transport, and storage. Our research focuses on optimizing these interactions to create nanomaterials with enhanced properties and performance, driving the future of sustainable energy technology.

Related Publications

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