Our group focuses on the study of nanomaterials, including metals, semiconductors, 2D materials, single-atoms, electro-active, plasmonic and photonic materials, and their electronic, thermal, optical, and chemical properties. Our aim is to improve and discover new energy conversion, transport, and storage processes. By leveraging the unique advantages of nanomaterials, we investigate how to optimize them for use in a range of energy technologies. Our research is aimed at pushing the boundaries of energy conversion and storage to create a more sustainable future.

Our research group specializes in the synthesis and nanofabrication of colloids and metamaterials. By combining different materials, length scales, and sizes, we create supported or colloidal nanomaterials and leverage their individual or collective properties. Our work aims to develop novel approaches for energy conversion and storage, while also exploring the fundamental physics of these materials.

Our research group is dedicated to exploring the potential of light-matter interaction to induce or monitor chemical reactions. With a strong focus on using light, we investigate how to enhance this interaction and develop new methods for energy conversion, storage, and transport.

Related Publications

Nature Catalysis, accepted, 2023
Plasmonic Bimetallic Two-Dimensional Supercrystals for H2 Generation
M. Herran, S. Juergensen, M. Kessens, D. Hoeing, A. Koppen, A. Sousa-Castillo, W. J. Parak, H. Lange, S. Reich, F. Schulz, E. Cortés

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Investigating Plasmonic Catalysis Kinetics on Hot-Spot Engineered Nanoantennae
Lin Nan, Jesús Giráldez-Martínez, Andrei Stefancu, Li Zhu, Min Liu, Alexander O Govorov, Lucas V Besteiro, Emiliano Cortés

ACS Energy Letters, 7, 778-815, 2022
Hybrid Plasmonic Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Generation and Carbon Dioxide Reduction
S. Ezendam, M. Herran, L. Nan, C. Gruber, Y. Kang, F. Gr bmeyer, R. Lin, J.Gargiulo, A. Sousa-Castillo, E. Cortés

Advanced Functional Materials, 2203418, 2022
Tailoring plasmonic bimetallic nanocatalysts towards sunlight-driven H2 production
Matias Herran, Ana Sousa-Castillo, Chenghao Fan, Seunghoon Lee, Wei Xie, Markus Doblinger, Baptiste Auguie, Emiliano Cortes

Advanced Energy Materials, 46 (11), 2102877, 2021
Metasurface Photoelectrodes for Enhanced Solar Fuel Generation
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